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Introducing Home PC backup

Home PC Backup is the quick, secure & easy to use backup service, with no strings attached. Protect all of your digital photos, documents and other files for just £5.00 a month.

Our easy to use backup system can protect all of the data on your computer, including family photos, videos, emails and music. Your completely protected should you have any problems caused by the following:

  • Viruses
  • Computer Theft
  • Physical Damage
  • Accidental Deletion
  • Hardware Failure
  • Fires or Floods

We offer you complete peace of mind so you don’t have to worry about losing your precious photos and other data, no matter what happens to your computer.

Did you know that one in ten laptops are stolen? Or that computer hard drives fail all the time? We know from experience that people often don’t realise that their files are vulnerable until it’s too late. Our easy to use service protects your files from any kind of threat by saving a secure, encrypted copy to our data centres over your existing broadband connection.

Our service protects you from:

  • Viruses
    Computer viruses are rife, and many can irreparably delete or corrupt your data.
  • Theft
    Computers are a prime target for thieves, and one in every ten laptops are stolen in the UK, and only 5% of these are ever found.
  • Accidental deletion
    Many times people come to us after overwriting or deleting files by accident. We retain 15 days of historic backups to make sure it is no longer a risk.
  • Damage
    Computers are delicate, and if a computer is dropped or knocked, there is a risk that the hard drive storing your data is damaged.
  • Hardware Failure
    Computer hard drives can fail at any point – due to manufacturing faults, old age, or vibration.
  • Fire or Flood
    Computer equipment is very sensitive to and can be destroyed by fire or water. When asked what they would save in the event of a fire, most people choose family photographs. In the age of digital cameras, most photos are now stored on computers.

Using an off-site backup service like Home PC Backup is the only way of protecting your data from all of these threats without any hassle. Simply install our award winning software and select what you want to back up. It’s that easy.

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