So, what do you get for your money? Have a look at the list of powerful features.

Bulletproof Data Security

128-bit Encryption green-tick-1256766995.1038
256-bit Encryption green-tick-1256766995.1038
AES green-tick-1256766995.1038
TwoFish green-tick-1256766995.1038
TripleDES green-tick-1256766995.1038

Flexible Backup Schedule

Manual Backup green-tick-1256766995.1038
(CDP) Continuous Data Protection green-tick-1256766995.1038
Daily Backup green-tick-1256766995.1038
Weekly Backup green-tick-1256766995.1038

Free Add-On Modules

Local & Network File Backup green-tick-1256766995.1038
Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express / Microsoft Mail green-tick-1256766995.1038
In-File Delta green-tick-1256766995.1038
Volume Shadow Copy green-tick-1256766995.1038

Compatible Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 2000 or newer green-tick-1256766995.1038
Apple Mac OS X – v10.3 or above green-tick-1256766995.1038

Additional Features

Data Replicated to a Second Site green-tick-1256766995.1038
Internet Restore green-tick-1256766995.1038
Filter Files by Extensions green-tick-1256766995.1038
Logout Reminder green-tick-1256766995.1038
Offline Backup Reminder green-tick-1256766995.1038

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