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When you sign up to our service, we provide you with Home PC Backup software that’s really easy to set up. It runs in the background on your computer, securely encrypts any files you save and backs them up to our
always available, on-line service.

The software offers a huge array of features to make your backup experience hassle free.

  • Set and forget
  • Backup Scheduler
  • Real Time Protection
  • Advanced Security
  • Backup Reports

To make our service as easy to use as possible, we had to make sure our software is simple to use, yet efficient at backing up your files securely. We feel our software is the best on the market, offering a wide range of features without making it complicated.

Set And Forget

Once installed, our software can be set to back up your documents, photos, emails and more with just a few clicks. Once set up you can run your first backup, and you dont have to worry again – your files are protected from then onwards.

Backup Scheduler

You can choose which days and what time to run backups with the easy to use scheduler. We find many people use their PCs in the morning, and evening. Our software can be set to automatically backup files during the day or every night, making sure you always have an up to date copy of your files. There are no limits to the number of backups you make, you can also run the backup software manually any time you wish.

Real Time Protection

For those who want even more protection than automatic daily backups, you can enable Continual Data Protection. This special feature of our software can intelligently monitor your files and folders, and as soon as you save anything new or make a change to an existing file, it will automatically back it up to our online service on the fly.

Advanced Security

For complete peace of mind, we ensure that not only are your files safe from being lost, but also completely private. To make sure that nobody can get at your personal data, your files are encrypted whilst they are still on your computer. This way, when your files are sent on their way to us, and while we keep them safe, nobody can actually see or get at your files. Only you can unlock your data if you need to recover it with your password.

Backup Reports

Unlike many other backup solutions – with Home PC Backup you always know your files are protected. We email you a report when your backup successfully completes, and you can check what files were safely backed up. If you miss a scheduled backup, or if for some reason a backup could not complete – our service will let you know. That way you are never caught out by trying to restore from a backup that may not have been working for some time.

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