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Complete security

We at Home PC Backup pride ourselves on security. Our role is to make sure your computer files are kept completely safe – be that on your computer or the backup files we keep in our data centers.

Our service is designed from the ground up to be completely secure, and ensure that your files are yours alone, yet are available whenever you might need them.

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green-tick-1256766995.1038State of the art facilities green-tick-1256766995.1038Multiple site replication

256-bit data encryption

Our service uses high-level encryption as standard on all of your data, to a government level – excuse the jargon… 256-Bit Advanced Encryption Standard, or AES for short. Despite the complicated name, its role is simple – to make sure that only you can unlock your data. Our software automatically encrypts your files before it leaves your computer. This way no matter who might try to get at it, they will not get anywhere unless they have your unique encryption key.

State of the art facilities

To make sure our servers and your data are fully secure physically, as well as digitally, we operate our service from facilities with very high access restrictions and full security systems. All of our sites have on site 24/7 security guards, constantly monitored CCTV and biometric security systems. Every site has specialist fire prevention equipment, backup power systems, and multiple connections to the internet.

UK only data centers

To make sure that your service runs as smoothly and quickly as possible, all of our data centers are in the UK. This also ensures that your data is not going to be sent abroad, and you can rest assured that your data and details are covered by the UK data protection act.

Multiple site replication

When we back up your files, we actually back them up twice. We operate double the number of backup servers than are required at any one time, and your data is stored in two, physically distant datacenters. This means that in the extremely unlikely event of a failure at one of our sites, your files are also backed up somewhere else, just in case.

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